Tongyu Communication Inc. (abbreviation: Tongyu Communication, stock code: 002792.SZ)

Zhongshan, China, June 13, 2022- – According to the financial report of Tongyu Communication in Q1 2022,  Tongyu Communications achieved operating revenue of 404 million CNY, up 17.81% year on year increases. 

Recorded a 29.98% jump in net profit to 20.07 million CNY the same period. Tongyu continues to achieve good earnings growth.

In the past year of 2021, Tongyu Communication overcame the three adverse factors of the general environment caused by the COVID-19, including the sharp rise in the price of bulk raw materials such as aluminum, the sharp increase in international freight and the impact of appreciation of RMB.  Despite the current adverse environmental trends, the company has maintained robust operations, remained profitable and significantly improved team management capabilities, laying a solid foundation for good results in Q1 2022.

【Tongyu attaches great importance to future 5G deployments】

As a technical expert of base station antenna, Tongyu Communication adheres to technological innovation and leads the industry development for a long time.  After 26 years of deep cultivation and technology accumulation in the field of base station antenna, it has grown into the key enterprise of Base Station Antenna at home and abroad, leading in the core technology by proprietary intellectual property rights, research and development, production capability and quality control at home and abroad. By March 2022, Tongyu has obtained more than 800 patented technologies, including 113 invention patents, 543 utility model patents, 105 design patents, 33 international patents, 34 software copyrights.

In the 5G era, Tongyu took the lead in launching AFU (Antenna Filter integration) products worldwide, and achieved batch commercialization; A number of new technologies are adopted to solve the EMC problem of multiple antennas.   Vigorously invest in developing the next generation of high efficiency and high performance base station antenna products. And began strategic deployment and pre-research in millimeter wave and 6G antenna fields.

【Multi-dimensional business synergy development】

As a key enterprise in the field of mobile communication antenna, Tongyu communication has developed a series of base station antennas, base station diplexers, combiners, tower top amplifiers, microwave antennas, optical transceivers and other products, which can meet the diversified product requirements of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other multi-network systems at home and abroad.

Tongyu Communication continues to strengthen its efforts to expand overseas markets, and through the implementation of research and development, optimization of technology and materials to reduce costs and improve efficiency, product prices and gross profit in some regional markets have increased significantly compared with last year.  At the same time, the company has not only focused on strengthening the main business by redesigning the antenna structure, reducing costs, improving operational indicators and achieving goals but also vigorously expanding the business landscape. We will make overall progress in the areas of private communications networks, automotive electronics, big data, new energy, and the Internet of Things.  

In Q1 2022, Tongyu gave full play to its technological innovation advantages and achieved both revenue and profit growth with the help of continuous improvement of operation and management. Facing the next reporting period, Tongyu Communication will continue to improve its innovation and management level, continue to deepen cooperation with major global operators and equipment manufacturers, expand broader market space, promote the development of the global communication industry, and win the 5G era.

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