SINGAPORE – SeaPRwire, the leading press release distribution platform in Southeast Asia, has announced plans to launch a suite of proprietary martech solutions tailored to gaming and esports brands looking to expand engagement across the high-growth region in 2024.

According to SeaPRwire’s 2023 Southeast Asia Digital Trends Report, nearly 60% of the 650 million residents across SEA now play games regularly – one of the highest penetration rates globally. At the same time, most gaming companies lack targeted marketing technology to cost effectively maximize awareness and conversions in each distinct market.

SeaPRwire seeks to bridge this gap with a integrated stack designed specifically for gaming brands’ unique needs including:

l  Multi-Channel Press Release Distribution

l  Influencer Marketing Activation Platform

l  Tailored Media & Audience Insights

l  Campaign Performance Analytics

In an interview James Scott, SeaPRwire’s Chief Strategy Officer, explained how the new offering will empower gaming marketers to optimize branding initiatives as competition intensifies.

Rapid Gaming Industry Growth Across Southeast Asia

Scott points to projections estimating the SEA gaming market reaching $5.4 billion USD by 2027, up from $2.4 billion in 2021.

“Rising consumer spending power across SEA’s young, tech savvy population has fueled gaming’s meteoric expansion,” Scott said. “Our data shows genres like multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and battle royale resonating strongly – with mobile emerging as the clear platform of choice.”

While Scott believes the momentum sustains long-term, increasingly crowded app stores now force developers to creatively engage consumers. Yet limited experience with digital marketing leaves many local gaming firms ill-equipped versus global players with robust war chests.

“Many talented SEA gaming shops recognize they need to level up marketing capabilities rapidly as competition mounts from players with vast resources lead by Tencent and Sea Ltd,” Scott noted. “Our tools help them compete.”

Closed-Loop Approach for Gaming Brands

SeaPRwire’s gaming suite aims to open a simple, unified access point for developers and publishers to deploy integrated digital campaigns while benchmarking effectiveness.

Core components as detailed by Scott include:

Localized Press Release Creation & Distribution: Reach SEA’s mainstream, gaming and crypto media outlets through culturally resonant announcements and news event coverage.

Relevant Influencer Marketing: Activate and manage gaming content creators, streamers and key opinion leaders matching titles’ motifs and community profiles through self-serve influencer marketplace.

Tailored Consumer & Media Intelligence: Tap real-time insights on audience preferences, media landscapes and campaign analytics through gaming dashboard to refine targeting and creative.

“Too often client acquisitions, community management and public relations operate in silos – inhibiting gaming brands from conveying consistent narratives or maximizing budgets,” said Scott. “Our platform combines indispensable capabilities via unified view to multiply marketing efforts.”

Early gaming partners gearing up for the 2024 launch include prominent Malaysian eSports team Orange Esports and Singapore-based indie developer PixelBeam – both leveraging existing SeaPRwire services today.

PixelBeam CEO Janine Teo said, “As a small startup, we struggled bridging media and influencers in a highly fragmented landscape with limited resources – until we found SeaPRwire. Their gaming stack connects all the pieces to help us cost-effectively engage fans across multiple SEA markets at once versus repetitive one-off campaigns.”

Scott expects gaming brands participating in 2024 beta trials to achieve similar visibility, traffic and community gains observed from current gaming clients seeing 2-3X increased website visitors and 10-15% boosts in title downloads when deploying SeaPRwire.

“SEA’s gaming rush requires proven growth catalysts – we simplify what makes consumer connections possible at scale.”

To learn more about SeaPRwire’s upcoming integrated gaming suite visit:

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