Hanoi, Vietnam – Dec 18, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – AsiaPresswire (https://www.asiapresswire.com) has launched the latest version of its revolutionary AI-powered press release assistant, GPT-PRHelper 2.0, in the Vietnam market. This cutting-edge platform automates every aspect of the press release process, from flawless writing to targeted distribution at unprecedented scale.

While the initial GPT-PRHelper sparked an industry breakthrough for AI-powerd press release service, version 2.0 represents a quantum leap forward – unlocking unrivaled powers to actively push releases to precision-targeted media contacts across Vietnam.

“We are thrilled to unveil GPT-PRHelper 2.0’s game-changing capabilities to clients across Vietnam,” said Raymond Yan, Managing Director of AsiaPresswire Vietnam. “This upgrade epitomizes our commitment to constant innovation – mobilizing the immense power of language AI to not just draft optimized press releases in seconds, but distribute them directly to the most relevant journalists, outlets and contacts to drive maximum visibility.”

He added, “In one seamless, automated platform, we now handle every press release task from writing to industry-targeted distribution. This is allowing our clients to gain unprecedented exposure and tell their stories like never before. The reception from enterprises across Vietnam has been tremendously enthusiastic. Adoption of GPT-PRHelper 2.0 is accelerating rapidly as companies witness the platform’s incredible impact firsthand.”

Unrivaled Distribution Precision  

Industry analysts highlight GPT-PRHelper 2.0’s unparalleled press release distribution capabilities as what sets it apart from anything else in the market.

The platform’s state-of-the-art natural language processing engine instantly analyzes press release content from industry categories to keywords. It then identifies and actively compiles lists of highly targeted journalists, news platforms and contacts around Vietnam tailored to the press release.  

Within seconds, GPT-PRHelper 2.0 pushes the press release directly into the inboxes of this tailored list across email and social channels – guaranteeing relevance and high visibility.

This level of instant, personalized distribution precision was never before possible. Leading PR expert Naoko Sato commented, “Past distribution relied on generic media contact lists, but GPT-PRHelper 2.0 does the crucial work of determining exactly who should receive a company’s press release based on the content specifics. This AI-powered approach represents a total reinvention of how press releases spread across Vietnam’s dynamic media landscape.”

Flawless AI Writing & Translation

At the same time, GPT-PRHelper 2.0 also supercharges its pioneering AI writing capabilities. The GPT-powered engine can now instantly generate top-quality initial press release drafts in seconds after inputting just a headline and keywords.

The system spotlights media-grabbing angles in opening sentences, and continuously optimizes content flow and structure for maximum engagement. Users can then easily refine the AI-written drafts with integrated editing tools.  

Additionally, GPT-PRHelper 2.0 enables swift translation across 21 languages with one click. This allows Vietnamese companies to seamlessly adapt messaging and narrative style to resonate across global target markets.

The Next Stage of Press Release Innovation

Commentators state that GPT-PRHelper 2.0 definitively establishes AsiaPresswire as the leader in pioneering end-to-end press release innovation.

While AI writing made waves recently, it is GPT-PRHelper 2.0’s unrivaled distribution capabilities that enable companies to achieve unprecedented visibility and exposure.

“We are only scratching the surface of language AI’s potential to transform communications,” said Yan. “GPT-PRHelper 2.0 represents the next stage in our journey to empower clients to maximize their message impact. Both writing and distribution will continue evolving rapidly. But for now, no other solution comes close to delivering this level of effortless, integrated press release influence across Vietnam.”

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