New York, NY, June 15, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – The Randstad, Netherlands / / 13 JUNE, 2022 / MentorCalls released a mobile app for connecting people with renowned professionals and leading industry minds to help people find the guidance they need to start or further their respective careers.

MentorCalls is a startup app which allows users to connect with experts from different fields around the world and find the mentorship needed for professional development. The app helps aspiring entrepreneurs, athletes and artists secure a one-on-one interaction with mentors over a 1:1 video call through the platform. These mentors are prominent people in respective fields who provide answers to burning questions, give professional advice, and guide mentees on how to navigate rocky situations.

Mentors interested in impacting knowledge on upcoming talents in a variety of fields can join the MentorCalls network and charge potential mentees per minute. Trainers who are less concerned about the money and are more about nurturing young ambitions have the option of donating their proceedings to charity. The mentors indicate when and how long they will be available so mentees can prepare for brief or elaborate sessions.

The app currently hosts a good number of mentors from other parts of the world besides the Netherlands; such as Italy, the United States, Belgium, Australia, and Dubai. MentorCalls vision is to onboard world-class professionals on the top of their niche.

MentorCalls believes learning from mentors can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources it takes to accomplish a dedicated goal. By walking mentees through their personal experience in a particular endeavor, Mentors help them avoid the unnecessary detours and unproductive efforts that prolong the road to success.

NFTs Meet a Real Business

The app brilliantly leverages the trend of NFTs in the crypto space. Buying the NFT gives you several online and real live benefits, including holders-only guest lectures from world most famous speakers and giveaways for call credits in the app. Besides, MentorCalls will roll out staking mechanics, making it possible to earn passive rewards in the form of an accompanying token.

At the time of writing, the MentorCalls private token sale is already underway, and almost sold out. The MentorCalls app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

Background: Narrative Behind the Establishment of MentorCalls

MentorCalls was co-founded by Danny Coppenrath and Maurice Weber; two successful entrepreneurs, Danny in the Rum business, and Maurice, owner of Crebos, in the software industry. They both undeniably attribute the success of their projects to mentors.

Danny’s grandfather, Will Coppenrath, a rum aficionado who knew the ins-and-outs of the industry, fancied the idea of a luxury Rum bottled with a glass cap. In November 2020, he executed the concept, and launched the Baron Spiced Rum with a label that reads “Mountain with A Way Up”. Sadly, Will passed away due to the effects of the Coronavirus, just a few weeks before the marketing campaign for the rum was scheduled to kick off.

However, Danny had spent some time under the wings of his grandfather, who showed him the ropes of the industry, and taught him everything he needed to know to efficiently run the business in Will’s absence. Danny, a few nephews and some other relatives stepped up to run the business and did a stellar job thanks to Will’s mentorship. Today, Baron Spice Rum can be found in over 170 liquor stores, 60 catering services and is sold in more than three different countries.

In the same way, Maurice’s exploits in the software industry cannot be mentioned without a vote thanks to his mentor.

Seeing the major influence mentors had in the success of both their careers, they were determined to help disadvantaged people globally find mentors that will ignite theirs. They understood that not everyone is lucky enough to have a mentor due to several hindering factors. In Danny’s words: “What if you are in a neighborhood where there are no mentors? Suppose you want to start a business, but you don’t know where to start? What if you want to grow, but don’t know who to turn to? Or what if you have a great idea, but have no one to share it with? Or if you can’t find the motivation to follow your dreams?”

And so, the two Rotterdam best friends took it upon themselves to develop an app that connects a mentor and mentee over a video call. It was a very lofty ambition. Without digging into their personal savings for funding and Maurice’s expertise in software development, MentorCalls would be nothing but a dream.

They started working on the app during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. The resources from Maurices software company and their joint investment facilitated the development of the MentorCalls project. After 14 months of fervently working on the app developments, the app is now live and available on Android and iOS devices.

How MentorCall Changes Lives

The major concept behind MentorCalls was providing mentorship programs for people in which a mentor would be otherwise scarce or inaccessible. To this end, MentorCalls is calling all mentors with solid knowledge in different industries and niches to share insight, knowledge and guide upcoming entrepreneurs.

According to the MentorCall founders: “Many are already doing most things right. All they need is that extra motivation, or that one piece of missing advice that changes their lives. Nothing motivates a dreamer more than seeing someone who has gone through their struggles and succeeded at the end. Having a live encounter with a fulfilled person in a particular field can cast away doubt and reinforce people’s belief in the realization of their dreams through resilient efforts”.

About MentorCalls

MentorCalls is the first NFT-powered mobile app that makes mentors – from all corners of the world and across various fields or studies – accessible to people remotely through 1:1 video calls. MentorCall strives to make the world a better place by providing guidance for young talents and encouraging donations to charitable causes.

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