SINGAPORE – July 05, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Binded is launching a Dominance/Submission mobile app for couples in Q3 2024 that aims to enhance one’s personal exploration and self-discovery. Featuring real-time information updates, Binded allows for consensual, real-time power exchange between a Dominant and a Submissive.

“Binded app goes beyond traditional perceptions of Dominance/Submission, emphasising on personal growth through development dynamics and supporting individuals and couples on their journey”

Dominance/Submission relationships are often misunderstood as mere physical acts and power play, but these relationships can foster profound personal growth through “development dynamics”. This concept involves using the power exchange between a Dominant (Dom) and a Submissive (Sub), to help the Sub achieve goals, improve habits, identify needs, set boundaries, and implement routines, all while deepening trust and connection within their relationship.

Core Elements of a Development Dynamic

  • Structure is crucial in a development dynamic within any Dominance/Submission relationship. This involves establishing clear rules, expectations and routines negotiated between both parties, providing a predictable and safe environment for a Sub to focus on personal growth.
  • Accountability involves regular check-ins for tracking progress and providing feedback. These check-ins involve extensive communication and may occur daily, weekly, or monthly, including reviewing of Sub’s achievements, discussing challenges, and adjusting goals or routines as necessary.
  • Consistency is key, it maintains the structure and effectiveness of the development dynamic within a relationship. The Dom should enforce agreed-upon rules and consequences, while the Sub should adhere to them. Inconsistent enforcement can lead to confusion, undermining the Sub’s progress and the overall dynamic.
  • Positive reinforcements in relationships encourages progress by recognising goals and followed routines. Rewards should be meaningful to the Sub, reinforcing positive behaviour.
  • Negative reinforcements, used to correct undesirable behaviour, serves as a consequence. This includes punishments, which must be agreed upon, consensual, and safe for the Sub’s mental and emotional health.

Innovative Features for Personalised Experience

Binded users have access to “modules”, which are building blocks customisable to user’s tastes and preferences. The use of text input modules allows Binded to cater towards almost any kink. The mobile application focuses on personalisation, allowing users to tailor and customise their tracking experience.

Features for Every Desire

From habit tracking to journaling, punishments, rewards, and more, Binded offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your experience:

  • Habit Tracking Module: Keep tabs on your daily rituals and tasks with customisable habits and frequencies.
  • Punishments and Rewards Module: Assign and track punishments and rewards within your dynamic, linked directly to your habits.
  • Journaling Module: Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to your journey in a private and secure space.
  • Rules Module: Establish and manage rules within your relationship, ensuring clear communication and boundaries.

Premium Features for Enhanced Play

Upgrade to Binded+ to unlock additional features like:

  • Input Trackers (Orgasm Tracker): Log data related to activities, scenes, or other inputs, with the option to upload media for added context.
  • Activity Timers: Ensure precision and control over duration with customisable timers for your scenes and activities.
  • Data Dashboard: Gain insights and track your progress with comprehensive metrics and visualisations.
  • Custom Notifications: Brighten your partner’s day by sending them a custom message right to their phone’s notification bar.
  • Media uploads: Upload and remember your special memories with Binded.
  • Custom Notes: Jot down thoughts, ideas, or reminders related to your activities for easy reference.

Due to the sensitive nature of this content, Binded heavily prioritises user privacy and security. All data is encrypted and protected from unauthorised access, ensuring users can explore their dynamics with peace of mind.

Download the mobile application from Google Play Store and Apple App store. Follow Binded official channels for the latest updates:




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