On May 30, the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board, together with tourism bureaus from other cities and counties of the Sanya Economic Circle, jointly organized the “2022 Travel Itinerary Competition”. The competition aims to enrich the cultural and tourism resources of the Sanya Economic Circle with brand-new local travel routes and promote the integrated development of the area. Trip.com Group will provide technical support for the competition. 

The competition will last to September 9 from May 30. Participants can refer to the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board’s official website (visitsanya.com) or Wechat official account to learn more about the competition and participate in it. The competition has set generous prizes totalling CNY 200,000. Winners will not only receive cash awards up to CNY 20,000, but also have the opportunity to obtain exclusive honors from the categories they join, free trips to Sanya and the surrounding areas, official internship recommendation, and other generous rewards.

The competition has five categories: professional/corporate, university teachers and students, travel KOLs, Chinese domestic travelers, and foreign travelers. Participants are free to choose whichever category fits them the best.

It is worth mentioning that, to further bolster this competition’s reach and enable global travelers to feel the charm of Sanya and the surrounding areas of the Sanya Economic Circle, the competition specially set a category for foreign travelers. Foreign passport holders are welcome to join and produce creative designs based on their personal travel experiences in Sanya and get a chance to win generous gifts provided by the organizer.

Designs can focus on new ways to explore Sanya and the surrounding areas, such as Lingshui, Baoting, Ledong, and Wuzhishan. Designs can be submitted in either Chinese or English. No restrictions on the form of designs. Themes include but are not limited to cultural heritage, nature, outdoor sports, family-friendly educational excursions, gourmet tours, self-driving, countryside, and camping. Participants can deeply explore the historical and cultural characteristics of Sanya and the surrounding cities, and highlight the advantages and features of the area’s natural resources.

The competition has five stages: design, submission, online voting, expert review, and the announcement of winners. For the foreign travelers category, participants submit their designs, users vote online, and the travel expert commission scores the works and selects the winning ones. The winners will receive cash awards totaling CNY 200,000, honorary titles, certificates, a chance to take part in the overseas social media filming project, Explore Sanya 360°, organized by the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board, and free travel experiences with photography services included.

“We welcome all travel industry professionals, travel experts, teachers and students from colleges and universities, Chinese domestic tourists, and foreign travelers to submit creative designs online and uncover a wide range of trips and activities,” a member of the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board said. “We expect more overseas tourists to participate in this feast of inspiration, and discover a different side of the Sanya Economic Circle.”