TOKYO, Dec 26, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Earlier this year Fujitsu announced its vision for 2030 under a new Mid-term Management Plan, underlining its ambition to transform into “a technology company that realizes net positive outcomes for its stakeholders including society, customers, shareholders and employees, while providing digital services which contribute to sustainability across industries.”

The three years until 2025 represent a critical period for the realization of this vision, during which Fujitsu will position itself for sustainable growth and improved profitability and embark on a comprehensive transformation of its business model and portfolio. In so doing, Fujitsu will ensure support for customer modernization and improve profitability of its international business by shifting to a service-focused strategy.

In alignment with this strategy and to further strengthen management of its hardware business, which primarily focuses on servers and storage solutions, Fujitsu today announced its decision to integrate core functions related to this area into “Fsas Technologies Inc.” for the Japanese market, launching the new business on April 1, 2024 under Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu’s decision reflects the need to establish a framework for comprehensive management and allocation of resources at all stages of this business, ranging from the development, manufacturing, and sales(1) to maintenance of related hardware and services in Japan.

After the reorganization, Fujitsu will combine extensive offerings based on its advanced technologies with Fsas Technologies’ high-value-added hardware solutions, which can be quickly adapted to the needs of customers, to deliver comprehensive solutions as Group that support societal and corporate transformation.

Overview of the new business structure1. Integrating the business areas below into Fsas Technologies(1) Development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of server and storage hardware

All functions of server storage development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance, including for “PRIMERGY” PC Servers, the mission-critical IA server “PRIMEQUEST,” and “ETERNUS” storage system solutions, will be integrated into Fsas Technologies. In line with this, relevant employees will join the company to ensure continuity for customers with high value-added hardware in an agile manner.

*The mainframe and UNIX servers business will continue as previously communicated under Fujitsu Limited

(2) Development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of select network hardware and related services

Fujitsu will integrate the development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance functions of select network and communications hardware, mainly IPCOM network servers, as well as the sales and maintenance functions for network products made by alliance partners into Fsas Technologies. Relevant employees will join the company to ensure continuity and deliver exceptional network hardware and maintenance services for customers.

*Management of the network products/services business for carriers will continue under Fujitsu Limited

(3) Direct sales of enterprise PCs for customers(2)

We will integrate the direct sales function of enterprise PCs into Fsas Technologies. At the same time, related employees will join the company to sell PCs to customers.

2. Business framework for new organization

Fsas Technologies will continue to develop, manufacture, sell, and provide maintenance for high-quality, reliable servers, storage, and select network hardware, and sell PCs to enterprise customers in Japan.

As for the product delivery framework for customers, Fsas Technologies will directly sell and offer maintenance for hardware solutions to customers, while Fujitsu provides system integration (SI), managed services, and infrastructure services for related products.

Overview of Fsas Technologies Inc.
Establishment: April 1st, 2024
Representative: Masuo Yasuda, Representative Director, President
Employees: approximately 7,500
Business overview (As of April 1st, 2024): Development, sales, and maintenance for servers and storage hardware Sales and maintenance of network hardware and services Sales of enterprise PCs

[1] Sales: Refers to sales presently conducted by Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Japan Limited, and Fujitsu Fsas Inc.
[2] Direct sales of enterprise PCs for customers: Includes only direct sales to customers, excludes sales to partners

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