HONG KONG, Jan 17, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Soundskrit, the audio company whose cutting-edge hardware and software promise to lead to a new era for microphone performance, and AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (“AAC Technologies” or “the Company”; HKEX: 2018), a world-leading total solution provider, announce a partnership to make directional MEMS microphone technologies widely available to end user customers across consumer electronics and automotive markets.

Directional MEMS microphones, bring the capabilities of traditional microphone arrays to a single device, featuring incredibly consistent directionality across the full audible spectrum and a very high directional SNR. Directional microphones are the ideal solution for rejecting undesired background noise and isolating a user’s voice. Pairing it with proprietary signal processing enables a new suite of audio-related features and experiences for a wide range of applications including laptops, webcams, smart speakers, TVs, AR/VR, health devices, wearables, vehicles, and more. This new technology rethinks how audio systems are built, unlocking new and better ways to communicate, experience and share the world around us.

Soundskrit brings a commanding expertise in spatial audio processing, MEMS, and acoustic design to AAC Technologies’ dominant portfolio of audio and sensing system solutions. AAC Technologies, an established and proven market leader for championing new state-of-the-art sensing technologies, will provide a unique platform to further develop and integrate Soundskrit technologies to serve OEM customers globally. This next generation of audio-based features will create a more connected world, one where distractions are suppressed, and communication barriers are removed.

Whether it’s wireless earbuds that enhance your listening, AR glasses of the future that allow real-time translation, or the next generation of vehicle in-cabin audio systems with enhanced noise cancelling, personal communication and playback zones, Soundskrit and AAC Technologies are committed to building the foundational technologies enabling OEMs to start building that future, today.

AAC and Soundskrit have started to engage with the leading ecosystem players and customers across various segments. More product details and launch dates information will be available in the near future.

About AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (Stock code: 2018)
AAC Technologies is a leading provider of sensory experience solutions with the goal of building the future of interactive sensory technologies. Through continuous innovation and global presence, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with global smart device clients. We have strong capabilities in Acoustics, Optics, Haptics, Sensor and Semiconductor, and Precision Manufacturing based on decades of industry experience. AAC Technologies’ mission is to create a better sensory experience for the world, and our mission is to become a global leader in sensory technology with a board solution portfolio. We keep innovating sensory technologies to create new interactive experiences. In the future, we will focus our efforts on the industries of smartphones, intelligent vehicles, virtual reality, artificial reality and smart homes to help create a new era of sensory experience. www.aactechnologies.com

About Soundskrit
Soundskrit is an audio technology company whose cutting-edge hardware and software is paving the way for consumer audio experiences in the future. Their mission is to bring the next generation of high-performance audio-enabled experiences to consumer devices. No more interrupted calls, distorted voice processing, or noise cancellation that lets every surrounding sound in – Soundskrit is evolving the human listening experience so consumers can hear the impossible. www.soundskrit.ca

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