SINGAPORE / KUALA LUMPUR, May 16, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Hong Bao Media has added a Best Sustainability Communications category to its annual Media Savvy Awards, which recognise Singaporean and Malaysian business leaders for excellent traditional – and new media skills.

The Awards have been convened for six consecutive years to celebrate great homegrown orators and media performers, and to encourage other local business leaders to follow their example. This year’s Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards are again supported by the Asia-Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD) and Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), as well as new supporter, ACN Newswire.

This year’s judges are:

– Keith Morrison, Director of Marketing & Communications at Black & Veatch and President, Asia-Pacific Association of Communications Directors
– Asiya Bakht, CEO & Founder of Beets Public Relations
– Ramya Chandrasekaran, Chief Communications Officer, QI Group
– Rimmi Harindran, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, AMEA, Kellogg Asia Pacific
– Shruti Gupta, Former Chief of Marketing Communication,
– David Venn, Global Director, Communications, World Scout Bureau
– Lina Marican, Regional Managing Director, Mutant Communications

The new category this year, Best Sustainability Communications, is in addition to the existing criteria Best Broadcast Interview, Best Online Interview and Best Hybrid Presentation.

Keith Morrison, President of APACD, said: “Today’s dynamic and diffuse media landscapes demand that leaders connect with authority, empathy and authenticity with their customers, employees, regulators, investor and other key stakeholders. Failure to be great communicators and media savvy, which these awards recognise, risks the reputation of their organisations and misses out on opportunities to influence and attract success.”

Lina Marican, Regional Managing Director, Mutant Communications said: “With the rise of social media consumption, CEOs and leaders must increasingly connect with audiences on these new platforms. Often, this means having a direct dialogue with consumers and journalists who frequently use social media to break and share news. When it comes to sustainability communications, there is an additional layer of scrutiny as leaders need to be genuine and transparently articulate what their company is doing to cut through greenwashing claims and scepticism.

“Overall, leaders have to be intentional and genuine about not only landing key messages but doing it effectively on new and emerging platforms where people are spending their time.”

Media Savvy Award convenor Mark Laudi said: “We have added the Best Sustainability Communications category this year, in recognition of the many corporate spokespeople who talk about their organisations ESG initiatives without greenwashing.

“Greenwashing is just another word for exaggerating sustainability action, embellishing the truth or even spreading half-truths and untruths. Spokespeople who tell the unvarnished truth, focus on materiality and provide evidence for their sustainability initiatives stand a good chance of winning this award.”

This is in addition to the previous criteria of Best Broadcast Interview, for interviews first carried on traditional radio and television stations, and “Best Online Interview”, for interviews posted on the websites and channels of online-only and traditional print publications.

Nominations officially open Monday, July 3 and can be made for free at by Friday, September 15, 2023.

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