HONG KONG, Jul 18, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited (“Bradaverse Education” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the “Group”; stock code: 1082) has successfully obtained authorisation to use the “Chouchou” IP and will create a copyrighted card collection featuring “Chouchou”, a two-dimensional image of Jay Chou jointly developed and owned by Star Plus Legend Holding Limited (stock code: 6683) (“Star Plus Legend”) and JVR Music. Bradaverse Education congratulates Star Plus Legend on the successful HKEX listing on July 13.

Mr. Yip Kai Pong, Executive Director of Bradaverse Education (Left) and Mr. Alan Leung (Right), Director of UFO Interactive Group Limited, a subsidiary of Bradaverse Education congratulated Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited on the successful HKEX listing

The two major businesses of Star Plus Legend are new retail and IP creation and operation. IP content creation and management business cover providing media content creation, event planning, and artists IP management services; and IP licensing and sales of related products. Star Plus Legend has signed a 10-year IP Authorization Agreement with JVR Music, which can be renewed for another 10 years, giving them exclusive rights in relation to projects related to “Chouchou” and a non-exclusive priority right to invest in projects related to Jay Chou and his IPs. In addition, Star Plus Legend has also created two-dimensional IPs, “Coach Liu” and “Vivi” for Liu Keng-hung and Vivi Wang respectively.

Star Plus Legend has many years of experience in IP and media content creation. With the licensing of the “Chouchou” IP, Bradaverse Education will communicate and exchange with Star Plus Legend, and use its own technological advantages to present different classic scenes in the card collection with the image of “Chouchou” using virtual reality (“VR”) and augmented reality (“AR”) technologies. It can also project a three-dimensional “Chouchou” on mobile phones. These products are set to turn an IP into high-quality products to meet the needs of consumers, further promote the Group’s digital entertainment business to achieve faster and more stable development, and demonstrate the strong technological capabilities of the Group. In the future, the group will also maintain close collaboration with Star Plus Legend to launch more diversified and ground-breaking creation and content, enriching the group’s product offerings.

The first official “Chouchou” card collection products in collaboration with Star Plus Legend was recently exhibited for the first time at Jay Chou’s “Carnival” World Tour Concert 2023 in Haikou, attracting considerable attention. The card collection will be officially launched during the concert in Hohhot, and will be sold at a dedicated booth in the concert. Since “Chouchou” is a very popular IP with a huge fan base, which will help enhance the Group’s brand awareness and market competitiveness, and inject more diversified content into the Group’s digital entertainment business.

In addition, Bradaverse Education has been committed to developing high-tech and innovative education services in recent years, actively integrating VR and AR with education, fully upgrading its existing education services and transforming the Group into a more comprehensive education services provider. The Group also provides trade and technology services relating to VR and digital entertainment, including the provision of equipment, services and content focused on VR technology; content and solutions for schools in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (“STEAM”); IT and emerging technology training content and solutions for vocational and professional students; and distribution and marketing services for gaming products.

Mr. Yip Kai Pong, Executive Director of Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited, said, “We are delighted to have obtained a licence for the well-known IP ‘Chouchou ‘, which signifies the growth of the Group’s digital entertainment business and recognition of our strengths. The group looks forward to future collaborations with more companies like Star Plus Legend to develop more IP businesses, bringing consumers more innovative products and experiences. The Group has been committed to innovation and is forging ahead. In the future, the Group will continue to inject different elements into each business, continue to improve various services and products, achieve more diversified and sustainable development, and create longer-term value for all stakeholders.”

About Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited
Bradaverse Education (Int’l) Investments Group Limited is a leader in providing quality private tutoring and education services. It is the first institution in the education industry listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company provides a wide range of education courses and services to students of different ages and with different needs. Its services cover pre-school education, tutoring for primary school and secondary school pupils, English language training and examination preparation courses. Its high-quality private education services are provided under the “Modern Education”, “Modern Bachelor Education” and “Modern English” brands. Moreover, the Company provides STEAM education services and also offers virtual reality (VR) and digital entertainment.

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